Property Matters

Law firm’s goal is to efficiently, effectively and ethically advise and facilitate the aspirations of our clients in India. Law firm provide legal services for a whole range of property transactions. Law firm's services in title investigation, purchase, Sale, Lease & Renting and development of real estate have been used by a large number of development of real estate companies, individuals and developers of commercial and residential projects. it is based at Delhi and has presence in all major city of India. Law firm's legal services in this field can be categorized as follows:

Real Estate Transactions

Real Estate Financing in India

The law firm represents banks and other financial institutions in connection with financing transactions secured by real estate, including development, construction and long term financing, as well as secured and unsecured loans to real estate developers and owners. Law firm also frequently serves as counsel to its clients as borrowers in real estate-backed transactions, whether in direct loan, conduit or structured finance transactions. When representing clients in real estate finance transactions, the law firm’s attorneys are actively involved in all aspects of structuring and documenting the transaction.

Law firm’s Attorneys in the Real Estate and Real Estate Finance Group have significant experience in restructuring and “working out” troubled real estate loans, and in cases where a workout is not achievable in foreclosing commercial real estate. Utilizing the depth of its asset-based lending experience, the Group has represented clients in the entire spectrum of debt structures. Law firm also represents underwriters, lenders, borrowers and credit support providers in industrial tax exempt revenue bond financings.

Acquisition of Real Estate in India

Law firm’s attorneys regularly represent clients in connection with acquisitions and dispositions of real estate, real estate / properties in India. Whether acquiring dozens of residential lots as part of a master assemblage strategy or raw land for development purposes, the law firm’s attorneys are experienced in all aspects of real estate acquisition and disposition transactions. Working closely with the law firm’s Environmental Law and Litigation Department, the firm is able to assist clients in due diligence investigations of proposed acquisitions and provide guidance with the myriad of regulatory approvals.

Leasing of real estate in India

Law firm attorneys represent lessor and lessees, developers and owners in all aspects of traditional and financing leasing transactions, ranging from raw land to commercial, retail, institutional, industrial and office properties. The firm represents developers and owners in creating leasing programs for office parks or individual buildings. The Law firm’s attorneys also represent tenants with national property management groups in leasing commercial or retail space throughout the region and the nation. Law firm also conducts a Indian mortgage banking practice, representing various participants in the primary and secondary mortgage markets.

Development Approvals in India

Law firm assists project developers in all phases of the India government approval process. The firm represents clients in connection with preparing and submitting site plans and subdivision applications for office buildings, shopping centers, industrial parks and residential complexes to various concerned authorities in India. The law firm also represents clients before India planning and India zoning boards of adjustment and redevelopment authorities in India. In addition, members of the Real Estate and Real Estate Finance Practice Group often represent planning and zoning boards in various India municipalities. Law firm’s Attorneys in the Environmental Department provide guidance through India laws and regulations, including

Contaminated properties in India

The law firm’s attorneys have extensive experience counseling prospective purchasers of contaminated properties to obtain protection from liability for pre-existing conditions. The law firm’s attorneys seek to maximize their client’s liability protection, economic incentives, including environmental cost reimbursement under a Redevelopment Agreement, and remediation flexibility available under India law.

Construction Activity in India

Construction activity in both the public and private sectors invariably in India gives rise to significant legal and business issues. Law firm Construction Law Practice Group, coupled with the law firm's extensive breadth of practices, assists public and private owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals, and others in navigating each phase of real estate development and construction.

Planning and Organization of real estate in India

In the project inception phase, the law firm's real estate attorneys in India offer invaluable assistance in the acquisition and financing process. The firm's environmental attorneys are well-versed in issues such as wetlands disturbance and hazardous substance liability that often acfirm property transfers and construction/development activities in India.

As the construction project proceeds, Law firm’s Construction Law Practice Group provides assistance in the negotiation and preparation of contracts for all forms of project delivery, ranging from basic lump sum/fixed schedule contracts to complex cost-reimbursable agreements incorporating critical path schedules and significant milestone events.

In addition, the Law firm's attorneys have a solid record of successfully prosecuting and defending emergent public bid challenges in both the trial and appellate courts.

Facilitating and Managing the Project in India

With the commencement of construction, the Law firm is focused on its goal to keep the client's project on track and to assure that all participants in the process fulfill their contractual and administrative obligations in India. The Law firm's experience in such areas as local permitting and India building code enforcement, India public wage-and-hour regulation, and workplace health and safety/ compliance can be critical when interacting with various India government agencies on the local, state, and federal levels to facilitate job progress.

When problems arise during the course of a job, the Construction Law firm Practice Group can provide help with project administration and management issues to control "down time" and insure that work disruption is avoided or kept to a minimum.

Protecting Your Rights in India

Much of the Construction Law firm Practice Group's work involves the resolution of payment claims. The firm guides clients through the maze of lien, bond, and contractual payment issues that arise in complex construction projects, including those arising under the Construction Lien Law in Delhi and similar statutes in other states of India. The Law firm's attorneys have extensive experience in prosecuting and defending surety claims, and have been successful both in obtaining the benefits of performance/payment bonds and in defeating unjustified bond claims in India.

The law firm’s real estate attorneys often marshal the resources of attorneys in the Construction Law Practice Group. The Group’s in-depth knowledge of the construction process enables it to identify a broad range of legal risks and propose constructive ways of allocating those risks within the contract documents to protect the client’s business needs and expectations. When a building project leads to litigation, the Group has the experience to successfully litigate construction matters for project owners, contractors, subs, suppliers, and sureties in Delhi courts and in all other courts of India.