Contract or Agreement Law in India

Legal Inhouse has employed qualified and trained attorneys , lawyers, para legals to draft, review and manage huge volumes of contracts in a most adept and professional manner.. While drafting contracts, we are always cautious to include appropriate terms and conditions so that the entire contracts are fair and reasonable to the parties concerned. ,. Contracts are drafted to reflect the purpose and commercial relationship between the parties, and ensure smooth work flow. Contracts drafted by Legal Inhouse atttorneys are comprehensive and easy to understand. Our services are with a motto of protecting and safeguarding the interest and rights of our clients.
We are engaged in undertaking Drafting & Vetting of Contract for our clients. Due to the support of our legal experts, we are able to draft different kinds of agreements. As we are conscious about safeguarding the interest of our clients, while drafting the agreements therefore we have appointed experienced lawyers.
Our expertise lies in drafting following agreements:
Non-Disclosure Agreements
Vendor Contracts
Supply Agreements
Software License Agreements
Telecom Services Agreements
Internet, Advertising and Media Agreements
Office Lease
Non disclosure agreement is a contract between two parties, which focuses on confidential material, knowledge or information that the parties wish to share with each other for certain purposes, but wish to restrict access to the third parties. In this contract, the parties mutually agree not to disclose information present in the agreement. The agreement forms a confidential relationship between the parties and ensures complete protection of any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets. Apart from this, NDA protects non-public business information. NDAs are usually implemented when two interested parties plan to do business and required to understand the process used in each other businesses for the purpose of reviewing the potential business relationship.
Contract and Agreement Litigation:
We handling Legal Affairs, Litigation Matters, Legal Documentation and Liaison Work. Deftness in resolving cases under both Civil & Criminal Laws of India. Astute in drafting Agreements, Contract, Legal Notices etc also. Proficient in drafting Agreements, Contract, Legal Notices, Show Cause Notices, Written Statements, Appeals, Case Papers, Affidavits, etc.
Legal Research & Drafting Services
Legal research & drafting is imperative for any law firm or organization; but it is time consuming, burdensome and expensive. As we all may agree to the fact that, a small negligence on analysis can cause major damage to the firm and its client. Legal Inhouse has a dynamic team of attorneys and paralegals with rich backgrounds and share their rich experience in carrying effective legal research for our clients. Exposure on handling various complicated legal issues and regular supplementary training on ever-changing law has enriched and developed our attorneys’ skills and attention to details. Legal Inhouse ’s holistic legal research approach provides authorities and citations which are accurate and relieves clients of this burden and focus on more strategic issues
Contract Review Services
Legal Inhouse helps law firms and Companies to review Agreements/Contracts. Legal Inhouse analyzes the various Terms and Conditions of the Agreements/Contracts, prepares review notes indicating the important sections/clauses of the Agreement/Contract, positive and negative issues and their impact and consequences flowing on client performance and financials. Legal Inhouse also suggests suitable Terms and modifications to protect the interest of its clients.
Commercial Agreement Drafting and Documentation
Besides legal consulting and litigation services . we provide various other legal services including Documentation, execution and their registration with the concerned authority. These services include individual Clients work and corporate agreements/assignments. We further providing the services of registration of documents like Will, Sale deed and all kind of agreements.
We also provide following legal consultancy services as under :-
Drafting of Commercial Agreements/Contracts/Non-Disclosure Agreements
Drafting of Joint Venture Agreements
Drafting of MOA/AOA, Constitution of Political Party/Company/Trust/NGO.
Drafting of Compromise / Settlement Deeds
Drafting of Indemnity bond and other Bonds
Drafting of GPA/SPA/WILL etc.
Drafting of Deed of Mortgage /Hypothecation
Drafting of Partnership Deed & Trust Deed
Drafting of Gift deeds/ Sale Deed / Agreement to Sell etc.
Drafting of Public Notices / Publications/Auction notice etc.
Tenders / Public Notices etc
Drafting of various Petitions/Application to be filed before various courts, tribunals and other authorities.
Drafting of WILL and its registration
Agreement to Sell
General Power of Attorney
Special power of Attorney
Sale Deed
Gift Deed
Commercial Contracts
Indemnity Bond
Loan Agreements
Deed Of mortgage
Hypothecation Deeds
Trust Deed
Memorandum of Understanding
Articles of Associations
Compromises and Settlement Deed
Publication Notices etc.
Registration of Estates and Property;
Registration on name of News Papers/magazine
Registration of copyright and trademark